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When A Parent With Dementia Wants To Go Home

Watching a parent or a loved one suffer from dementia can be excruciating. The sad reality overshadows the nostalgic memories of the past and you’re left caring for the person who had always been there to care for you. Fortunately, facilities that tend to your loved one’s dementia care, such as Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation,…

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National Senior Citizens Day 2018

The Origins of National Senior Citizens Day August 21st is a big day in the calendar at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation. It’s the day we take time to honor senior citizens. On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Regan signed Proclamation 5847, proclaiming August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day. In the proclamation, Regan called “upon…

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Nostalgia At Age 65+: When Your Loved One Gets Caught Up In History

“I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine.” – Lou Reed Nostalgia – defined as being homesick, or yearning for returning to a past period or irrecoverable condition – has an interesting history. What was once considered to be a severe disorder has now become a term for fondness. Nostalgia, in today’s terms, is when you…

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