Delmar Nursing and Rehabiliation: Short Term Rehab

Short Term Rehabilitation

We are proud to provide a robust program of post-acute therapy in all 3 disciplines, to ensure a quick recovery and a return to home.

We accept most forms of insurance including Medicare and Medicaid and our Admissions team will work with the hospital social workers to allow for a smooth transfer of your loved one directly from the hospital to our facility.

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    Physical Therapy

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    Occupational Therapy

  • 004-speech-bubble

    Speech Therapy

  • 002-treadmill

    State of The Art Rehabilitation Gym

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    Stroke Rehabilitation Specialty

  • 006-lungs

    Pulmonary Care Specialty

Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation: Skilled Nursing

Long Term Skilled Nursing Care

Families cite the quality of nursing care, diligent medical oversight and clear communications as the reasons they choose Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation for their loved ones. There is real teamwork here, with everyone on the care team advocating on behalf of the residents. We provide an unrivaled level of care and compassion for the residents and their families and it is for this reason that families entrust us with the care of their loved ones.

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    Dementia Care

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    Pain Management

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    Pulmonary Care

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    IV Care

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    Wound Care

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    Enteral Nutrition

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    Infectious Disease Care

Delmar Nursing & Rehab Hospice Care Services

Additional Services

In addition to our short-term and long-term services, Delmar also offers multiple additional services that enhance the well being of our residents. 

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    Bariatric Care

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    Dental Care

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    Podiatry Care

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    Opthalmology Care

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    Mental Health Care

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    Palliative Care

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    Hospice Care

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    Respite Care