Can We Reverse Hearing Loss?

man listening with hand on ear

We may be on the brink of an innovative hearing loss cure. Although curing hearing loss appears to be an unlikely novelty, there’s actually serious, hard science behind the claim. Hearing Loss Among Adults in the U.S. Hearing loss can be devastating. Anyone with a loved one suffering from serious hearing loss knows that managing hearing…

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Manage Hearing Loss in Seniors

Everyone kind of assumes hearing loss is a normal part of aging. And it is: around two-thirds of seniors aged 70 and older have some form of reduced hearing ability. As we age, the tiny hairs in the inner ear start dying off. These hairs are responsible for picking up sound waves and sending them…

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The Hearing Loss And Poor Memory Connection

“Number of people have said to me, after hearing your thinking, their mind becomes much more happier.” – Dalai Lama The commonness of hearing loss in old age has made it a fact of common knowledge. It is so prevalent that the rate of hearing loss in adults over 70 stands at almost two-thirds of…

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