Seeing Your Way To Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

blood flow with arteries

Seeing is believing, and it may also be lifesaving when it comes to preventing heart attacks, a recent study suggests. A blocked artery is a lot like a blocked water pipe. In both situations, things look fine on the outside but there’s less getting through the passageway. Unlike a water pipe, however, plaque-blocked arteries can…

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Sleep As If Your Health Depended On It

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker Sleeping too little isn’t just about how tired you feel; it can be very dangerous. According to a study 1 by the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, sleeping less than 7 hours may lead to:…

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Nuts For Your Heart

“I like juices and antioxidants. I’m a health nut” – Trudie Styler What’s a Nut Good For? As almost any other nutrition item, nuts have been put to the health test: are they for your health? Aside from home remedies and intuition, we now have hard-science that tells us an astounding yes! In a study…

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