National Senior Citizens Day 2018

The Origins of National Senior Citizens Day

August 21st is a big day in the calendar at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation. It’s the day we take time to honor senior citizens. On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Regan signed Proclamation 5847, proclaiming August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day.

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In the proclamation, Regan called “upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Pictures as a Show of Appreciation

So, just what are “appropriate ceremonies and activities” that you can take part in to show appreciation for your loved one?

You can probably come up with many, but here’s one with lots of potential:


Pictures are great. They allow you to relive the past in the present while reflecting on important moments.

You’ve probably sent your loved one many family pictures over the years. But when was the last time you handed them a physical album with pictures of them at different stages of their life?

With some thinking and planning, such a gift can highlight their many accomplishments over a long period of time all in one album.

The next step is to go through it with them. Make sure to hear their stories and the lessons they’ve learned over the years. Besides for the actual photos, you’ll spend some great time together. They’ll savor the moment and may even become nostalgic. And you may learn a new thing-or-two too.

What a great way to show appreciation for the senior citizens in your life.

How do you observe National Senior Citizens Day?

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