Mood Swings In Seniors

“Like all of us, we have pretty serious mood swings.”

– Josh Silver

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During the course of a given day, you may not notice, but your mood tends to shift. In the morning, you may feel refreshed and cheerful and as the day continues, some somberness may set in. Other shifts may be less subtle, such as you becoming outright upset or feeling depressed. Yet, in either case, you may not understand what is causing these changes.

Causes of Sudden Mood Swings

Here are 3 common factors that may lead to mood swings in seniors:

  1. Stress – You may become irritable as a reaction to stress. Do you see any link between stressors and your mood?
  2. Health decline – Mood swings can sometimes come as symptoms to physical or mental health decline. In this case, you can view your mood as more of a symptom.
  3. Medication – If you started taking a new medication or are taking a combination of pills, it may be affecting your mood. Your body may be telling you something about the fit of the drug.

Based on the causes mentioned above, if your mood swings are getting to you, you may want to consider talking to your doctor and checking your stress levels, health and medications.

Mood swings may be subtle or pronounced. Either way, they can cause you to feel upset or frustrated and have negative ramifications. If they’re getting to you, consider speaking to your doctor, as they may be a reflection of other important changes in your life.

Do you notice any mood swings throughout your day?

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