Mental Health Month: Time To Internalize

As a SNF providing mental health care, Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation proudly promotes May is Mental Health Month.1

Although it’ll be in April in just a few hours, there’s plenty of time to internalize a message or two regarding mental health and live with it until May rolls around again.

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A major subject when it comes to mental health is stigma.

For some reason, it is easier for many people to show compassion for someone suffering from diabetes than for someone dealing with anxiety. People contending with depression or mood swings learn that they have what to be ashamed about, unlike their counterparts dealing with arthritis and heart complications.

These societal messages make it harder for those who need help most to receive it. Society sees them as bad and responsible, while they see themselves as not accepted and problematic.

So, make a commitment, from this Mental Health Month forward, no more. Let’s stop blaming people for their mental health difficulties and start doing what can actually help, like supporting them.


Support is a powerful factor in dealing with probably just about anything. Think about some of the major achievements in your life, chances are there was someone standing alongside you who provided you with a sense of encouragement and ability.

Lack of support, on the other hand, can feel very lonely and make people want to give up. So, your social support may seem simple to you, but it may just be a lifeline for someone in need.

Who can you start supporting in their journey towards better wellbeing, today?

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