Why Your Loved One Would Love A Photo Album For Their Birthday

Have you ever wondered what a perfect birthday gift for your elderly mom or dad would look like?

spiral photo album

You know it isn’t a designer handbag or power tools. They’re past that. But what does interest them? Chances are meaning-making of their lives would make it pretty high up on their list.

The psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson, argued that this is the stage where people reflect on their life accomplishments and gain a sense of completeness in their lives.

Another area of interest would probably be family. The family can be a source of joy, support, love, satisfaction and pride for them. What greater accomplishment could they have wished for?

The Power of a Photo Album

This is why a personal photo album would be a great gift idea for your beloved mother or father. It can highlight their greatest achievements, which can give them a sense of accomplishment. And it can bring all their family members into a single picture album.

They will cherish this treasure of positive memories and will be proud to show it around. (Their friends here at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation will love it too.)

What will the photo album you prepare look like?

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