Knowing What To Look For In A Skilled Nursing Facility

What to look for in a skilled nursing facility?

How many times have you asked yourself this question before making the smart choice of Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation?

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people ask this question when looking for a skilled nursing facility. So, this is actually a very common query and a legitimate one too.

Now, what are the magic ingredients and signs to look for in a skilled nursing facility?

Realistically, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But there are some guidelines.

Here are 3 areas to focus on:


The staff are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and will be directly interacting with your loved one. They, therefore, play a crucial role in getting your loved one the care they deserve. So, don’t overlook this point.

Positive qualities in staff may include:

Social Life

Another focal area of to look for in a skilled nursing facility is its social environment. Positive social interactions are very important for your loved one’s well-being and shouldn’t be neglected. Have a look at the residents. How do they interact? Does the facility promote social activities?


We’ll define accommodations broadly so that it includes many dimensions. And feel free to add (or remove) anything important to you. When assessing the facility, look out for these parameters:

  • Hygiene
  • Privacy
  • Quality
  • Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Space
  • Room size
  • Comfort

How has Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation answered, ‘what to look for in a skilled nursing facility?’ for you?

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