June: A Month To Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease

“Alzheimer’s is literally killing us, and the only way to fight this ‘crime’ is through a groundswell of people who continue to raise their voices and funds to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.”

– Tess Gerritsen

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We take Alzheimer’s disease very seriously at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation. And for good reason, because this disease is, unfortunately, the number 6 cause of deaths in America. But, the good news is that there has been a lot of progress over the past two decades. In fact, 90%  of our knowledge on Alzheimer’s disease has come from the past 20 years. So, with more research, we may just be able to finally provide an answer to all the suffering individuals and families across the nation.

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month is a brainchild of the Alzheimer’s association. Each June, the association promotes raising awareness about the disease by getting the public involved. This includes asking people to share their stories and to take action.

Going Purple

As the official color of the Alzheimer’s movement, purple is getting a lot of attention. The association launched a “Go Purple” campaign to bring Alzheimer’s to public attention. They even have an online shop with purple apparel and gear bearing the message #ENDALZ (End Alzheimer’s).

Taking Part

“The more people know about Alzheimer’s, the more action we inspire,” says the association. So, how can you take part in spreading awareness this month?

Do you have an Alzheimer’s story to share?

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