July Fourth And Senior Independence

It’s July Fourth! And America is celebrating independence.

American flag

When you come to think about it, seniors can teach us a lot about independence. Senior independence, while seemingly compromised, is, in-fact, closer to the concept of July Fourth than that of younger folk’s idea of independence.

Independence and Development

Although we speak about independence on a geographical level, independence is actually a very human concept. We strive to be able to do things ‘all by ourselves’ from a very young age and take pride in our capabilities. It becomes natural for us to judge others (and ourselves) based on individual and independent performance.

So, when some seniors lose some of this independence they feel quite lousy about themselves.

Senior Independence

But, the truth is independence isn’t about managing on our own. That wasn’t how we achieved it in this country and that isn’t how it works on a human level either. To reach independence, we needed a team of determined individuals who shared a common vision, belief and hope.

Independence is about the freedom and liberty that we can enjoy, thanks of those who have helped us remove the obstacles, which stood in our way.

We at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation are blessed to be part of a team that removes obstacles for our residents and helps them experience this form of independence every day.

What’s your view on senior independence?

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