Is It Time To Stop Driving?

One of the dilemmas that come with age is about stopping to drive. You’ve been operating a vehicle for so many years and everything happens like second nature, but you’re getting the message that others think it’s time to hand in the keys.

So, is it time to stop driving?

senior man driving a car

Here are some signs to look out for:


As any driver knows, decent vision is a prerequisite to getting a license. As we age, though, our vision tends to weaken. suggests that you have your eyes checked out once a year and to make sure that your lenses are meeting your needs. Also, see that the windshield, mirrors and lights are clean before heading out.

If these don’t help your vision on the road, it may be a warning sign.


Dozing off at the wheel is a danger for any driver. But seniors may be at a greater risk for snoozing off. We undergo changes in sleep as we age, and for a variety of reasons seniors tend to fall asleep more than younger folk.

While dozing off at dinner won’t cause any harm, falling asleep on the road likely will.

So make sure you’re awake enough to drive and if you find yourself snoozing off, don’t drive without speaking to your doctor.

Response Speed

Operating a vehicle requires quick responses. You need to be alert and judge road conditions, your speed, other drivers, pedestrians’ intentions, traffic lights, signposts and whatnot.

After age 24, our cognitive speed goes down about 15% every 15 years. It sounds scary and on the road it definitely can be.

So, if you find yourself making the right maneuvers just in the nick of time too often, it may be a stop sign.

Stopping to drive can be tough. You may not even need to get around that much anymore. For example, if you become a resident at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation others may attend to many of your needs.

But handing in the keys can be seen as an acknowledgment of a new phase in life, which you aren’t ready for. In this case the issue is more fundamental than the car. So make sure to have an open conversation with a loved one about what you’re dealing with.

Have you or a loved one asked yourselves, ‘is it time to stop driving?’

How did you deal with it?

Please share in the comments below. 


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