The Importance Of Balancing Routine With Novelty

“When I follow my routine, I feel on top of the world. Regardless of what the day has in store for me, I feel accomplished and in control.” – Todd Davis

Routine is great. It gives us a sense of familiarity, consistency and predictability. It also allows us to get things done efficiently. And, perhaps most importantly, it gives us a sense of security.

But routine can also get boring after a while. As humans, we adjust to what’s familiar and seek excitement and novelty from time-to-time. Once routine becomes mundane and dull, it might be a signal to experience something different for a short period.

cup of coffee with clock at 6:45 as per routine

Routine and Novelty at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation

At Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation we strive to provide your loved ones with a healthy blend of routine and novelty. Our schedules are predictable and dependable, yet at the same time we hold special events and occasions. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, holiday-related events or enjoying music, your loved is sure to have their thirst for novelty quenched.

Adding Excitement to your Loved One’s Life

There’s also plenty you can do to bring more excitement to your loved one’s lives. For example, having a family get-together or a birthday party. Such events add tons of color to their lives and can go a long way in boosting their emotions.

But remember that routine is still key and your daily phone conversation or weekly visit is no less important to their wellbeing and health.

How do you balance routine and novelty in your loved one’s life?

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