How long Can I Live? Researchers Battle It Out

Like probably just about every other human being, at one point, you’ve likely asked yourself, how long can I live.

Whether you’re a resident at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation or not, you probably want to add more years to your life.

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This very question got a lot of attention among researchers over the past two years. This is how it happened.

Is There a Natural Lifespan Limit?

In October 2016, researchers Xiao Dong, Brandon Milholland and Jan Vijg published a paper, titled “Evidence for a limit to human lifespan.” They reached the following conclusion:

“The maximum lifespan of humans is fixed and subject to natural constraints.”

This “natural limit,” according to the researchers, is a byproduct of “fixed genetic programs for early life events.” So, improving your health won’t lead to more longevity. It’s the genes that are dominant here.

Just how long are we talking about? About 115 years, claim Dong and his colleagues.

Researchers Battle it Out

As presumably expected, this led to a host of counterarguments.1 Other researchers refused to accept Dong et al.’s findings. They argued that the research was based on limited data, from 1995 to 2006 and the cited other fallacies in the original research.

In what may be the most recent contribution to this discussion, researchers studied a single nation – Italians and argued that their study provides “the best evidence to date.”

So what did they find?

Here it is in their words:

“The increasing number of exceptionally long-lived people … and the fact that their mortality beyond 105 is seen to be declining … strongly suggest that longevity is continuing to increase over time and that a limit, if any, has not been reached.”

Who knows? We may be talking about a much higher lifespan in a few years.

Start planning your time.

Have you ever dealt with the question, ‘how long can I live?’

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