Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

From the desk of our beloved Dietitian, Cindy Millevoi:

Happy Holiday Eating–the healthy way! Our food and nutrition department director, James Thalassinos, is looking forward to the festivities he has planned for our residents at Delmar for this holiday season. He has presented some wonderful special meals since starting in July which have included a Courtyard Dinner, Football Kickoff Lunch, Oktoberfest, and our Friends and Family Meal which will be on Wednesday, November 8.

Here are some tips to help you through the holiday season with minimal or no weight gain:

Eat lightly and stay hydrated with water prior to attending the party. Don’t attend starved, to avoid overeating.

Visualize what you’ll eat in advance. Choose more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and smaller portions of stuffing, casseroles, gravy and dessert. Note the foods that are being served prior to placing food on your plate.

Be picky with the holiday foods you choose. Don’t eat it if it’s not worth the calories.

Remember: 500 extra calories daily x 7 days =3500 calories per week.   3500 calories = 1 pound.

Take your time eating, chew slowly, and savor the flavors.

Keep in mind, salt makes people overeat and drink more. Fiber and protein keep you fuller longer.

Decrease soda intake which contains high fructose corn syrup, and increase your water consumption.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

Maybe after your holiday meal, you can round up a few family members or friends and get in a little exercise with a walk!

Cindy Millevoi RDN, LDN

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