Drawing Your Way To Better Health One Picture At A Time

“When I see a white piece of paper, I feel I’ve got to draw. And drawing, for me, is the beginning of everything.”
– Ellsworth Kelly

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When was the last time you picked up a colored pencil, crayons or a paint brush? Chances are it was during your younger years in elementary school, for arts-and-crafts. Thinking about it might bring up some nostalgia.

Here’s the interesting thing, though: drawing is actually good for your health and you aren’t too old to reap the benefits.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits you can get when you draw:

Mental Health

When you draw, your amygdala, which deals with fear responses relaxes, says Dr. Ben Michaelis, and this will help you calm down.

Brain Functioning

Using different pencils and brushes can help you think creatively and grow new neurons.

Art is also good for your memory and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease enjoy it too. It can also help them recall better [1].

Emotional Expression

Language is an amazing tool, but some feelings are hard to put into words. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t express it another way. This is one of the beauties of art. It is a form of expression, which words aren’t always adequate for. “Through drawing, we are able to demonstrate multiple feelings, emotions, and thoughts.”


Drawing is a great activity for children and adults alike. It has many health benefits and it’s fun and easy. Why not give it a try?

When will you pick up your pencil again?

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[1] http://goodrelaxation.com/2015/01/health-benefits-of-painting-and-drawing/



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