What Bullet Journaling Is And Why You Should Care

As a reader of this blog, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of journaling and keeping a gratitude journal. Today we’re here to tell you about another form of journaling. It’s called Bullet Journaling. What is Bullet Journaling? And why should you care? If you journal you know how beneficial it can be, but sometimes…

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Social Entertainment And Recreation

Elderly person playing digital card game

There are so many ways to entertain yourself today. Yet many people end up feeling more isolated after such attempts. The reason for this is because some forms of entertainment can be isolating, especially if they involve technological devices. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thankfully, there are many options for social entertainment…

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Mindfulness Without Formal Meditation

eating cereal

With more awareness about the health benefits of meditation and mindfulness, many people would like to start practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. But some people don’t know how to go about it. Or they can’t find the time to designate for it. The good news is that mindfulness doesn’t necessarily require a formal meditation…

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Benefits Of Walking Outdoors

path in nature with view of mountains

Do you go for a daily walk outside? Walking outdoors has numerous benefits you can enjoy. Here are three of them. Exercise The first benefit of walking outdoors is of course exercise. You can do much to promote your health with a brisk walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, by brisk walking regularly you can…

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Why You Should Throw A Birthday Party For Your Loved One

Birthday cake with candles

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Though, many people don’t consider it important for anyone past the age of 10. Here are a few reasons why you should consider making a birthday party for your loved one. Family Time At Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation, we place a high value on family. Family time is important…

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Thanksgiving At Delmar: Thanking Our Residents

“Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.” – Amy Grant It’s Thanksgiving Day! We at Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation would like to use the opportunity and thank you, our residents. Here are three specific areas where we’d like to show our gratitude this Thanksgiving at Delmar.…

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Helping Yourself When Your Loved One Faces a Life-Threatening Illness

If your loved one was diagnosed a life-threatening illness, you’ll likely need care and support too. While Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation provides palliative care, you’ll need to have the right focus to ensure you manage this very difficult stage effectively. Remember, if you neglect your physical, emotional, or mental state, it’s may not just be…

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Speech Therapy For Seniors

Learning how to talk again isn’t fun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a pleasant experience. At Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation, we believe that speech therapy, as any of our other services, should be delivered with compassion and dignity so that your loved one can heal in the best way possible. But why do…

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