Busting Myths About Nursing Homes

Nursing home. The name conjures up images of seniors sitting, heads lolling, in wheelchairs all day every day. This article is here to bust some common misconceptions and stereotypes regarding nursing homes.

Myth 1: Residents spend all day in bed, or sitting in a wheelchair.

Visit Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation at any point, and you won’t see any residents besides the most sick ones in bed. Most of our residents are active to the best of their abilities, and live happy, vibrant lives. Nursing homes plan exciting activities, events, and entertainment for their residents. At Delmar we play games, throw parties, and go on outings. We also encourage our residents to get up, move around, exercise, and socialize.

Myth 2: A nursing home is a senior’s final home.

Although nursing homes are a common choice for seniors who can no longer live on their own, the main objective of a skilled nursing facility is to rehabilitate residents so they will be able to return to a more independent life style. Utilizing state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and techniques, we at Delmar assist our residents, both long and short term, in recovering from surgery, heart attack, and other debilitating conditions.

Myth 3: Nursing homes feel like hospitals, smell like hospitals, and are hospitals.

A nursing home is not a hospital. And it shouldn’t feel like one either. At Delmar, our residents feel more like they’re at a luxury hotel than a nursing home. Private rooms are available, and we offer a varied menu, beauty and barber services, and a library service. Our residents also have access to a computer and free wi-fi so they can stay on top of their interests and in touch with their loved ones.

What myths have you heard about nursing homes? Come visit Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation to have them busted one by one.

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