Benefits Of Walking Outdoors

Do you go for a daily walk outside?

path in nature with view of mountains

Walking outdoors has numerous benefits you can enjoy. Here are three of them.


The first benefit of walking outdoors is of course exercise. You can do much to promote your health with a brisk walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, by brisk walking regularly you can maintain healthy weight, make your bones and muscles stronger, get better coordination and balance. It can also help with conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Clear Head

A walk outdoors can do wonders to clear up some fog in your head. Walking around, taking in the fresh air and surroundings offers something that staying in your room does not. Next time you feel a lot going on in your head, try getting under the sky.


Getting out for a walk gives you the opportunity to meet new people and old friends. You can catch up with their lives and update them about yours. If you crave social engagement, you may get energized just from the social aspect of going for a walk, which is in itself great for your quality of life. If you don’t, it’s still nice to exchange smiles with some friendly faces.

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