Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Upon Healthcare

“I believe this artificial intelligence is going to be our partner. If we misuse it, it will be a risk. If we use it right, it can be our partner.”

– Masayoshi Son

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Artificial intelligence or AI is a very popular topic these days. A concept that was remotely imaginable just a few years ago is now changing entire industries, eliminating scores of jobs and simplifying many procedures. This is true for self-driving cars, cashier-less groceries, machine-based appointment systems and more. But, it doesn’t end there. AI is also making serious inroads in healthcare.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can be described as tasks, which normally require human intelligence that are done by machines [1].

What Changes can we Expect?

It’s hard to forecast what impact AI might have on traditional healthcare, but the future seems promising. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on with artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Have a look at AI’s role at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days and for good reason. The simple solutions it offers are reshaping the future of many industries, including healthcare. Time will tell if these changes will come at a cost to consumers.

What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence reshaping healthcare?

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